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Ripsnore™ is the original #1 Australian anti-snoring device. It is made from FDA approved material and registered with the TGA as a Class 1 Anti-snoring Device ARTG#156350.
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With Ripsnore™ if you do not stop or reduce your snoring we will completely refund your money with our 45-day money back warranty - the only thing you’ll lose is the bags under your eyes.
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Alarming facts about snoring

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the loudest snores recorded reached 93 decibels — about the volume of a diesel engine.This isn’t funny if you’re regularly losing sleep because of your partner’s snoring, or if you’re repeatedly woken by a dig in the ribs for your snoring.

Snoring can create social, relationship and health problems — for the partner as well as the snorer. Studies show that partners of those who snore find they have more health problems than those whose don’t, health effects can include hearing loss and in extreme cases can lead to brain damage.