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The Ripsnore™ Advantage - Sleep Disorders

The Ripsnore™ device has been in production and distributed globally for the past 8 years. During this time the design has been refined to produce the most effective anti-snoring device on the market. The design is so effective it has been registered with IP Design as registration number AU 330296 S. The device also has pharmaceutical support as can be seen with the Australian retail outlets. These retail outlets are currently expanding into other international based locations. The price of the Ripsnore™ purely reflects the quality of the material and design – we take no shortcuts when it comes to health issues!

The Ripsnore™ is made from Dynaflex, which is a medically certified BPA free material and will last between 12-18 months. We actually have customers who still use their original device after several years as the lifespan is purely based on a case by case basis. This company offers both phone (office hours) and 24x7 email support for all your questions and queries. The device also has the longest money back guarantee of 45 days. We do not store your credit card details at any stage of the purchase transaction, unlike some of our competitors who charge only an initial shipping fee, for example $9.95, and then later charge another massive fee.

Our Advantage:

  • Our Company has been around longer than any other competitor

  • We have Global sales of over 90,000 units

  • We have an International presence

  • We provide local phone support and 24x7 global email support

  • Supported by local drug stores,pharmacies and chemists

  • Longest money back guarantee

  • Registered Design

  • TGA/CE/FDA registered

  • Made from the Safest BPA free Material.

  • The device will help you to stop snoring

  • Snoring is a sleep disorder which we can help cure

  • Your credit card details not stored, you are charged only once and no hidden fees

  • Why settle for second best – purchase the Ripsnore™
    for a great night sleep for both yourself and partner.

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    We have been informed that there are several websites claiming to be snoring review websites. While a few of these are indeed genuine review websites, where we have been contacted directly by the reviewer, we have found that most are indeed not legitimate. These fake 'review websites' are in fact websites owned by competing companies that discredit all other products and end up recommending their own. If they do not actually sell the recommended product themselves, they have a counter deal with the competing company that will then pay the website owner per click or supply a commission. Some websites will just charge a flat rate for a favourable product review. These websites are easy to distinguish as they all use very similar templates and recommend the same set of products.
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