The Ripsnore™ Device

Ripsnore™ was originally developed in Australia by a team of professionals who saw a need for an affordable, high quality solution that provided snoring relief without costing a fortune. The Ripsnore™ company has distributors based in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, to ensure that you get your order as soon as possible. While other similar devices can cost hundreds of dollars - Ripsnore™ is available at an incredible low price with a complete money back guarantee.

How it works

The patented technology is designed to hold the lower jaw slightly forward, this moves the base of the tongue away from the back of the airway and soft palate; allowing the throat a clear passage for easy breathing to silence snoring. As Ripnsore™ fits over the teeth it can be also be used to treat teeth grinding.The device has been found to be 98% effective in stopping or reducing snoring in our customers. It is the most effective device on the market.

If you think you have sleep apnea, you should seek professional medical advice before trying the Ripnsore™

Why it works

The Ripsnore™ device allows your jaw to move freely whilst providing the support needed to open your airways naturally. It's the easy to use preferred device that fits your individual mouth. The unique mold ensures the most superior fitting to help to relieve your snoring symptoms without the discomfort that pre-molded "out of the box" designs can cause.

Fitting Ripsnore™

You will receive full instructions on fitting your device when you order your Ripsnore™. The product is prepared for molding by placing it in hot water to soften the material. This process ensures the very best results for obtaining the perfect individual fitting. Unlike pre-molded devices which are universal fittings the Ripsnore™ device is a perfect mold of your unique teeth and mouth cavity - providing the most superior and comfortable fitting.

*The product can be re-molded up to x5 times.

stop snoring

stop snoring

cure your snoring
cure your snoring
Product Comparison - Ripsnore is the best value on the US market with also the longest money back guarantee. You end up paying more for less with installment options from other competitors, so do not be fooled. The Ripsnore is available in Drug Stores, the competitors are not. Watch the video above.

USA, Australia, Canada, UK
2 devices, freight included, 45-day FULL REFUND Guarantee
$70 + freight
1 device, 30 day trial, NO REFUND, not custom fitted
$70 + freight
1 device, 30 day trial, NO REFUND
Sleep Pro 1
$76 + freight
UK, USA, Australia
1 device, no guarantee
Snore Free
$90 + freight
Canada, Australia
2 devices, 30 day guarantee

Using Ripsnore™

Before going to sleep, place Ripsnore™ in your mouth and close your jaw. It will fit snugly and comfortably, allowing you and those around to sleep more soundly than ever before. Since Ripsnore™ is transparent the only person who'll know you're wearing it is you. In the morning, simply place Ripsnore™ back in its protective container and allow it to air-dry. It can also be washed under fresh water when cleaning is required.